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A Pathway For Every Pupil

Senior School Information 2024

Please find below important information for students, parents and families of our Senior School.

Senior School Satisfactory Completion Policy 

This Policy has been informed by requirements of the Department of Education, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and College expectations.  


  • To inform staff, students and families about the processes and expectations for Senior School Students regarding course structure and satisfactory completion.

  • To ensure success, fairness and equity for all students in the Senior School, whilst promoting a culture of high expectations.


Satisfactory Completion of Studies.

  • To gain a satisfactory result in any unit, students must demonstrate an understanding of each outcome as outlined in individual study designs.

  • Students can meet the satisfactory outcomes of the unit independently of their SAC /Key Assessment Task results. 

  • Where there are multiple classes for the one subject, SACs/Key Assessments will be completed as close to each other as practicable.

  • Staff will moderate results before returning to students.

  • Staff will identify and communicate to students and parents a list of “HURDLE” requirements that students will need to satisfactorily complete to demonstrate each outcome. 

  • If a VCAA Outcome is not met satisfactorily, this will result in an “N” for the Unit, irrespective of performance on the other Outcomes. It is the class teacher’s responsibility to determine whether a student has satisfactorily demonstrated a Learning Outcome. 

  • An assessment of the student's level of understanding in the unit will be based on the student's achievement in SAC (School Assessed Coursework), SAT (School Assessed Task) or key assessment task.

  • A student who scores below 40% on a SAC (School Assessed Coursework), SAT (School Assessed Task) or key assessment task will have ONE opportunity to re-sit the task or complete an alternate one as determined by the teacher. The mark from the initial SAC, SAT or key assessment task will be used to contribute to the student’s study score/overall grade. These initial grades will be forwarded to the relevant team leader. 

  • The redemption task is an opportunity for the student to show they can receive and learn from feedback. An improvement on the redemption may help in the student gaining an S. 

  • All Redemptions must be completed within 1 week of the student being informed of their original result. Study habits and pathways will be discussed, and strategies put in place to support the student in their subsequent learning and assessment tasks.  

  • Students who have a VCAA approved absence on the day of a SAC will have it rescheduled, the timing determined by the senior school team after review of the circumstances associated with the absence. Approval for reschedules will go through the senior school team only. Students undertaking a reschedule will still be eligible to gain for a score for the task. 

  • Any SAC, SAT or Key Assessment task missed without a VCAA approved absence will score a zero, but completion will be required to demonstrate an outcome/s and determine understanding of concepts.

  • All SAC/SAT/Key Assessment Task resits will be recorded on COMPASS under academic observations. It is the responsibility of staff to ensure that this is completed promptly. Notifications will be received by the senior school through the normal COMPASS processes. 

  • The SAC/SAT/Key Assessment task resit  pro-forma can be downloaded from TEAMS. Students will need to have this form signed by a parent/guardian before the resit. These forms are to be retained by the teacher. ALL resits need to be completed AFTER school hours. 

  • For an absence to be considered VCAA approved, a medical certificate or equivalent must be received and processed through the general office. Any other absence will not be deemed ‘school approved,’ even if it has been approved by a parent/guardian.  

Pakenham Secondary College students have many study options. The College packages its senior school curriculum around a series of programmes, rather than individual subjects. That way, students undertake a programme of study that is linked to their hopes and dreams. To find out more, please read the Senior School Handbook:



The College aims for its students to achieve at least one qualification after their secondary schooling.



The PSC Careers Centre is open every school day during recess and lunch for students to access staff and information.



Year 10 and 11 students receive one-to-one course counselling sessions with our career and pathways team.



For more career information, resources and links, check out our Careers website.

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