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The Wellbeing team operates with a student focus promoting and supporting positive mental health and engagement with learning. The team operates in a proactive way on early intervention as well as responding to emerging issues or concerns.


The team work closely with the sub-school teams and parents for students referred to wellbeing or students who self-refer to provide support, advice and a safe space.

The Student Wellbeing Team:

  • Assistant Principal

  • Mental Health Practitioner

  • Student Wellbeing Counsellors

  • PSD Coordinator

  • Adolescent Health Nurse

  • Youth Worker

  • DE&T Student Support Service Officers

Student Wellbeing

To help students and families understand the ways in which the College can best create a happy school, we have a Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy that is based on the following ideals:

  • Students have the right to work and learn in a safe place, where they can develop their talents, interests and ambitions.

  • Teachers will be able to teach in an ordered and cooperative setting

  • Parents can expect their children to be taught in a caring environment where respect and positive relationships are fostered

  • Everyone will respect and take care of the College property and the property of others

At Pakenham Secondary College, we believe social and emotional wellbeing provides the best basis for student learning and positive behaviour.

If you are experiencing difficulties outside of normal school hours these services may prove useful:

      Kids Helpline      

1800 55 1800

For online chats, apps  


Youth Beyond Blue

1300 22 4636

For online chats, apps



1800 650 890

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