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High Distinction in the Maths Talent Quest

First held in 1982, the Maths Talent Quest (MTQ) is an annual activity open to all primary and secondary students in Victoria. Students select their own investigation topic based on their personal learning interests and apply mathematics in context. They understand and discover how mathematics is used and found in the world around them.

This year, our Numeracy Learning Specialist, Mrs Peterson, worked with the Year 7 Enhancement Class on this great program. The class covered a whole range of topics including a pizza restaurant, a road trip around Australia and even how to spend the $11 million to renovate our own ‘D Block’!

Pakenham Secondary College submitted some of these projects to the Victorian competition and one group achieved a HIGH DISTINCTION AWARD for their fantastic project; ‘World Hunger’. The award was presented to the students last week at a ceremony at RMIT.

The students involved in the project were:

Nadia Howard Mia Inness Kim Kaur Chahat Sarao

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