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Introducing Max


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Dogs Connect Program and have introduced a wellbeing dog to our school.  This is a whole school wellbeing program and our school wellbeing dog, Max, will become a much loved and important member of our community.

About the Program

Dogs Connect are supporting us with the implementation of the program very gradually, thoroughly and considerately. We encourage anyone who would like to know more about this program to look through their website link:

We are thrilled to introduce Max, our Wellbeing Dog, and have a team of staff leading this program. 

We would also like to assure the community that this program will not involve anyone who does not wish to be involved. We know that this work will have a really positive impact on many people in our community, and we acknowledge and respect that connection with our wellbeing dog offered on a great variety of levels.

Student Wellbeing

Portraits of Max

Here are some beautiful portraits of Max painted by students during the recent Health & Wellbeing Day.

Policies & Documents

3 Expectations Max 3000 x 2250 px (2).png

7 Proven Impacts a Wellbeing Dog has on a school

  1. Increase connectedness for staff and students in our school community.

  2. Decrease anxiety for the majority of staff and students within our school.

  3. Help students feel ready to learn when in class with our wellbeing dog.

  4. Be an extraordinarily powerful teaching tool for teachers.

  5. Help build empathy, awareness and emotional literacy in our school.

  6. Teach the entire community how to regulate emotions and reactivity.

  7. Help staff and students recognise cues of safety when engaged in social and emotional interactions.

Wellbeing Dog Introduction to PSC

Wellbeing Dog Introduction to PSC

MicrosoftTeams-image (176).png

All About Max

I am an ex-greyhound racer.

I had my  6th birthday on the 6th December.

I love to be inside - in fact, I am more of an indoor dog than an outdoor dog.


I really enjoy just lying around on the couch, my special dog bed and even on my owners bed - I have been known to pull down the blankets of their bed to get myself comfortable when they are not home.

Although I do love to go on a walk - when anyone says "walk" I go straight to the front door.


I like to be around people, and I enjoy having car rides with my owners; I simply sit on the back seat and enjoy the ride.

I love getting my ears patted and my tummy rubbed.

I am enjoying my time at Pakenham Secondary College. 

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