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Welcome to the
Student Core Team for Our Wellbeing Dog


Thank you for being a part of the Student Core Team for Max, our Wellbeing Dog. 

About the Student Core Team

Our Student Core Team for our Wellbeing Dog, Max, is a small group of students committed to assisting with Max's daily tasks, on a rostered timetable, every Thursday and Friday during term time. 

You will have assistance and guidance from members of our Core Team.

Below you will find a video which Dogs Connect (our partners with this program) have provided for our community. This gives a short explanation of the program. 

We look forward to you becoming a part of the team.

Student Wellbeing

The benefits of being a member of this team

Being a member of this student core team will give you a sense of responsibility.


You will learn how to take care of Max and how to delegate care which can help grow your leadership and organisational skills. 

We would like to thank you for volunteering to be part of this special team.

If you would like to read more about the program, please visit:


If you have any questions please let us know.


Please watch this short video from Dogs Connect about the program. 

When you have finished watching the video please come to the student window to let us know.

Wellbeing Dog at Our College

Wellbeing Dog at Our College

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