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Enhancement Program

From Years 7 to 10, a class of high achieving students are selected to be a part of the Enhancement Program. This class is enriched across all Key Learning Areas and given the opportunity for extended work. The Enhancement class has access to a VCE subject in Year 10.

Our students also have access to the Victorian High-Ability Program and the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. These programs provide high-ability students the opportunity to engage in online and in-person sessions that occur during and after school hours. They have a focus on extending and developing student capabilities in areas such as Mathematics and English. Students are nominated for these exciting programs. 


Applications are due by the 26th of April.

Once applications are reviewed, applying students will be asked to complete a PAT test to obtain an accurate literacy and numeracy level.  Applicants will be informed of the results and offered a position during the school offer period.

Please click on the below button to apply.

Personal Development and Leadership

The Enhancement Program has a high focus on developing language for effective and inclusive communication.

Students are given opportunities to develop their public speaking skills among class peers, the whole college and groups in the community.

Students learn to be reflective on their achievements and personal attributes which help them develop connections to their own strengths, qualities and spirituality.

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Student Wellbeing


The Enhancement Program has a high focus on connecting with people in our community. Students have extra opportunities to make this connection through mentor programs with local primary schools.

Through incursions and excursions in a range of contexts, students develop their understanding of the wider community and traditional owners of this land.


Pakenham Secondary College understands the importance of every subject in a holistic approach. 

Students are given opportunities to develop their critical thinking through a range of cross curricular activities. 

Each year our enhancement students are given the opportunity to put their skills to the test in table-top escape rooms run by Swinburne Institute.

In each of their subjects, students undergo self-lead investigations. One of the most exciting being an investigation into ways that Artificial Intelligence can aid medical research through biomimicry for a sustainable focus. Students then have the opportunity to put forward their investigation to Australia's Biomimicry Institute to compete against other schools.

VCE Options

The Enhancement Program allows students to begin their VCE journey early by choosing a Unit 1 and 2 subject in Year 10.

Students also attend Melbourne University's Open Day to aid students in choosing possible career paths.

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