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Asthma Management


It is essential that all students with asthma have an Asthma Action Plan at school. Please read on for more information.

Why you need a written Asthma Management Plan

According to Asthma Australia, an Asthma Action Plan is one of the most useful asthma tools we have.  

It sets out your important asthma information in a way that is easy to follow to help manage your asthma. It is a valuable reminder of what to do in case your asthma gets out of control.


Following your Asthma Action Plan and having regular reviews with your doctor leads to:  

  • fewer days off from school  

  • reduced emergency visits to hospital and   

  • less use of reliever medication.  

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Student Wellbeing

The importance of an Asthma Management Plan at school

To ensure that Pakenham Secondary College appropriately supports students diagnosed with asthma it is imperative that:

1. Parents/carers provide the school with an Asthma Action Plan (available at the button below) which has been completed by a medical practitioner. The plan must outline:

  • the prescribed medication taken by the student and when it is to be administered, for example as a pre-medication to exercise or on a regular basis

  • emergency contact details

  • the contact details of the medical practitioner

  • the student's known triggers

  • the emergency procedures to be taken in the event of an asthma flare-up or attack.

2. School staff may also work with parents/carers to develop a Student Health Support Plan which will include details on:

  • how the school will provide support for the student

  • identify specific strategies

  • allocate staff to assist the student

Any Student Health Support Plan will be developed in accordance with Pakenham Secondary College's Healthcare Needs Policy.

3. If a student diagnosed with asthma is going to attend a school camp or excursion, the parents/cares are required to provide any updated medical information.

If a student's asthma condition or treatment requirements change, parents/carers must notify the school and provide an updated Asthma Action Plan.

4. School staff will work with parents/carers to review Asthma Action Plans (and Student Health Support Plans) once a year.​

Doctor Available at Pakenham Secondary College

For students requiring a completed Asthma Action Plan and unable to attend their usual GP, we have a GP available at the Campus Doctor's Office every Wednesday during term time from 11:30am until 3:30pm. 

Please click on the button below for more information, and/or to make an appointment.

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